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Simon Nakach

Simon Nakach has a PhD in Theoretical physics from Imperial College, where he studied how symmetry can lead to the next theory of particle Physics. After his PhD he spent two and a half years working on a range of Machine Learning projects ranging from Computer Vision to time series forecasting as a Data Scientist. […]

Shenya Wickramasinghe

Shenya originally hails from Sri Lanka and spent her early years growing up in Dubai. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Switzerland at the Cesar Ritz Colleges where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management. After working within various roles in the hospitality industry, Shenya moved to Winnipeg in 2019 to […]

Sean Lovett

Sean received his PhD in computational physics from the University of Cambridge, where he worked on adaptive meshing methods in computational fluid mechanics. Since then, he has worked as a research scientist in R&D for the oil and gas industry, where his research interests included complex fluids, reduced-order models, and the application of statistical modelling […]

Sam Morrison

Sam “no, the other Sam” is currently finishing her Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) degree at the University of Manitoba. When not at work or studying, she can be found tending plants, watching science fiction shows, and attempting to learn useless skills.

Sam Massinon

Sam is a recent graduate from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Computer Science. He joined Invenia as a co-op during the summer of 2015 and started working full time in December that year. Since then, he has been involved in several projects ranging from development to researching.

Ryan Froese

After originally joining Invenia as a co-op student, Ryan achieved his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at the University of Manitoba. He spends his free time exploring new technologies, bike riding and playing video games.

Rory Finnegan

Rory Finnegan joined Invenia as a Computer Science co-op and Linux enthusiast with a background in Bioinformatics and Human-Computer Interactions. In 2016, Rory completed a Master’s degree in Computational Neuroscience and is now working towards his PhD.

Robbie Smith

Robbie graduated from the University of Southampton with a Bachelor’s degree in Music, where he specialised in composition. Since then, he has worked in technical recruitment and a variety of administrative roles. Robbie loves learning about new technologies and computing. He also enjoys writing music and comedy in his spare time.

Reena Varshney

Reena is a CPHR (Chartered Professional in Human Resources) professional, with skills in advisory HR, employee relations and innovative work solutions.Reena’s interest in HR is transformative over transactional. Work that is strategic, forward-thinking, and proactive excites her. Reena also strives to bring a humanistic approach to HR and to always consider the ‘why’ behind what […]

Raphael Saavedra

Raphael received his MSc and BSc degrees in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Operations Research from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. He previously worked in projects with major electricity distribution companies with the goal of forecasting demands and optimizing contracts. He is also a Julia programmer and contributes to open- source […]