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Machine learning-assisted industrial symbiosis: Testing the ability of word vectors to estimate similarity for material substitutions

A challenge of facilitating industrial symbiosis involves identifying novel uses of waste streams that can satisfy the demands of other industries. For these efforts, a variety of characteristics must often be considered. A mine of relevant knowledge has been gathered in resources such as academic journals and patent databases. However, in looking to harness the […]

Business models design space for electricity storage systems: Case study of the Netherlands

Because of weather uncertainty and dynamics, power generation from some renewable energy technologies is variable. Electricity storage is recognized as a solution to better integrate variable renewable generation into the electricity system. Despite considerable growth in the research on the electricity storage, implementation of electricity storage systems (ESS) is globally negligible because of technical, institutional, and business model challenges. We use literature review and data analysis to provide a conceptual framework and a design space for ESS business models in the case of Dutch electricity sector by taking technological, institutional, and business model considerations into account. We provide a map of single-application business models for ESS in the Netherlands which can be used as a basis for making ESS application portfolios and evaluating ESS business models in other parts of the world as well. Furthermore, this research can be used to inform models that explore the evolution of ESS.