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Shenya Wickramasinghe

Shenya originally hails from Sri Lanka and spent her early years growing up in Dubai. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Switzerland at the Cesar Ritz Colleges where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management. After working within various roles in the hospitality industry, Shenya moved to Winnipeg in 2019 to […]

Reena Varshney

Reena is a CPHR (Chartered Professional in Human Resources) professional, with skills in advisory HR, employee relations and innovative work solutions.Reena’s interest in HR is transformative over transactional. Work that is strategic, forward-thinking, and proactive excites her. Reena also strives to bring a humanistic approach to HR and to always consider the ‘why’ behind what […]

Magda Karavatou

Magda was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, and moved to Cambridge in 2019. She has previously studied Economic Science at the University of Macedonia and has received an IT skills certificate from the University of Cambridge.

João Moraes

After completing a law degree Joao went into business through a variety of roles, ultimately completing an MBA at the University of Cambridge. His previous background includes managing all aspects of a restaurant chain, brand strategy consultancy, and leadership development.

Jackie Diab

Jackie graduated in 2021 with a CIPD certified BSc in Business and Human Resource Management from Anglia Ruskin University. Before joining Invenia she has worked in various people management roles within the retail industry and has experience with HR administration, recruitment and delivering training. She’s passionate about fostering a healthy culture in the workplace, and […]

Caolán Jennings

Caolán has been a Cambridge local since 2007. With an academic background in philosophy and law, he is always ready for a friendly chat. Outside of work you can normally find him enjoying a good book or playing music with friends.

Bianca Felisbino

Bianca is originally from Brazil and moved to Canada in 2017. She has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a postgraduate diploma in Environmental Management and Sustainability. She has experience in technical and leadership roles in the manufacturing and hospitality industries. Throughout her career, she discovered her passion for sustainability, and for supporting and […]

Christian Steinruecken

Christian completed his PhD under the supervision of Prof Sir David MacKay at the University of Cambridge (UK) and is a specialist in machine learning. He has led engineering projects in artificial intelligence, data compression, and probabilistic programming. Christian believes that building intelligent technology is our best hope for making the world a better place.