Department Archives: Leadership

Sascha McDonald

Sascha is a senior executive with a track record of developing and implementing strategies that drive revenue and service delivery within start-up and blue-chip businesses. His expertise includes designing enterprise architecture and delivering operational capability across people, processes and technology. In addition to this, he has masses of international experience in leading business development activity, […]

Sam Hancock

Sam is a strategic analytical leader who has worked at companies ranging from 5-person startups to $100B+ multinationals. Most recently he guided Waymo’s Engineering Operations organization, the team that supports software development for Alphabet’s self-driving car project. At Invenia he is responsible for analytically connecting the company’s activities to its overarching objectives. Outside of work […]

Nick Thiessen

After completing a BSc in computer science, Nick came to Invenia to work on building and maintaining machine learning systems and simulations. During his spare time, he can be found either developing, playing, or discussing games of all sorts.

Cozmin Ududec

Cozmin is a co-founder of Invenia and now also the Managing Director and Chief Science Officer of Invenia Labs in Cambridge. He received his PhD in the foundations of quantum theory from the University of Waterloo and is still puzzling over the quantum world in his spare time.

Oksana Koval

Oksana is a co-founder of Invenia and is currently the Chief People Operations Officer, overseeing operations in Canada and the UK. She attended the University of Manitoba where she studied Anthropology as a post-graduate. In her spare time, she also pursues research interests in machine learning and archaeology. In the past, she has excavated a […]

Christian Steinruecken

Christian completed his PhD under the supervision of Prof Sir David MacKay at the University of Cambridge (UK) and is a specialist in machine learning. He has led engineering projects in artificial intelligence, data compression, and probabilistic programming. Christian believes that building intelligent technology is our best hope for making the world a better place.

Matt Hudson

Matt co-founded Invenia, and has been CEO from the start. He started Invenia while at Microsoft, after majoring in political science and economics with additional studies in computer science and engineering. He has developed a deep knowledge of the electrical grid, complex networks, and machine learning.