Department Archives: Development

Wynand Badenhorst

Wynand graduated in 2019 with a BSc in Computer Science, specializing in Computer Systems, Human-Computer Interaction and Graphics. Before joining Invenia, his experience has been in full stack development of web and desktop applications, as well as development of hybrid cloud applications. In his free time he likes to watch sci-fi movies, play video games, […]

Tyler Loewen

Tyler completed his BSc in Computer Science at the University of Manitoba in 2021 with a focus in Software Engineering, Databases, and HCI & Graphics. In his free time he enjoys photography, riding motorcycles, hiking, and the outdoors.

Sam Morrison

Sam “no, the other Sam” is currently finishing her Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) degree at the University of Manitoba. When not at work or studying, she can be found tending plants, watching science fiction shows, and attempting to learn useless skills.

Nick Thiessen

After completing a BSc in computer science, Nick came to Invenia to work on building and maintaining machine learning systems and simulations. During his spare time, he can be found either developing, playing, or discussing games of all sorts.

Matthew Brzezinski

In 2017, Matt graduated from the University of Manitoba with a BSc in Computer Science. His experience so far has mainly been in WebDev, DevOps, and systems architecture. He is currently very interested in data analytics, learning more about systems design, and contributing to StackOverflow. Outside of software development, he loves playing video games, tinkering […]

Mary Jo Ramos

Mary Jo graduated with a BSc in Genetics before realizing her true passion for Computer Science. Before joining Invenia, she gained experience in Web Development and Bioinformatics. In her spare time, she loves to explore restaurants and shops around the city, discover the latest in technology and fashion, and play the Sims.

Fernando Chorney

Fernando is a huge fan of trying to make things easier and more efficient for all people and systems. When he’s not messing with his Linux servers at home, Fernando likes to cook, make music, play games and learn new skills.

Bailey Shirtliff

Bailey graduated in 2018 with a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba. He is an enthusiastic Python developer, with previous experience working on cloud-native software. His hobbies include beatboxing, painting miniatures, and playing board/card/video games.

Arnaud Henry

Arnaud graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MSc in Artificial Intelligence in 2012. Since then, he’s been working at various companies as a software engineer, notably in the music streaming industry and in the emerging space of autonomous vehicles. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling and tinkering with pet projects.